If you are looking for an extra outlet installed, a new switch, or dimmer or electricians at Saft Electric are the right people for the job. We offer complete electrical receptacle and outlet services for any type of needs. We can also replace faulty receptacles or switches as well. If you are not sure what might be wrong with your outlets or switches we can diagnose the problem and have it fixed quickly. 

We also install or repair GFCIs which are a very important part of safety in your home or business. GFCI’s protect your electrical system from any kind of danger or failure and will cut power off if the electrical current flows where it shouldn’t.

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We deliver only the best with any electrical installations. Our team of professional, licensed electricians are experienced on all types of electrical systems, wiring, rewiring and circuitry. If you need an outlet or switch updated, relocated, repaired or installed, we can help. It does not matter what the electrical issue is, you can count on us to solve it the first time with our electrical repair services.

Electrical Outlets

If you need to repair or replace a faulty outlet, or would like to upgrade to something safer, the electricians at Saft Electric are able to help. We can help you choose the best outlets for your home or business and have them installed correctly. If you need an outlet installed where you don’t currently have one we can help execute that as well. 

GFCI Safety Outlets

A circuit breaker trip can cut off power to parts of your home. It can also overload circuits, causing damage to your devices. Constant circuit breaker trips may point to a wiring issue.

Receptacle Repair/Replacement

Outages and surges can happen for a variety of reasons including inclement weather, faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, and circuit breaker issues. Power surges can damage electrical devices and can happen during thunderstorms and when the power comes back on after an outage.

Complete Electrical Fixture Service

Common signs of a faulty power outlet including being hot to the touch, devices not working when plugged in, char marks, buzzing sounds, and sparks.

Dimmer Installation/Repair

Whether caused by inclement weather, faulty wiring, or an overloaded circuit, dimming or flickering house lights can damage your fixtures and ruin the atmosphere in your home. If your lights continue to behave strangely in calm weather, call us to speak with a licensed electrician that can help.

Kristin Orlando / Google Review

Saft Electrical Services is the best electrician around. They are professional, follow through, and do not cut corners. They do this at the best price. They fixed underground wiring at 1/4 of the cost quoted from another local company and followed up with the inspector and Orange and Rockland until our electricity was restored. I highly recommend them.